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discover scuba diving

Discover Scuba Diver

A DSD course is great if you want to experience scuba diving but you are not sure it is for you . It is a valid certification that allows you to dive to 12 m with any PADI Professional for a temporary time period of 14 days. Minimum age of 10 yrs

R 1500

padi open water

Open Water 

This is an entry level course to scuba diving that allows you to dive to 18 m with a buddy. It is valid for life and has a minimum age limit of 10 yrs. All gear and certification included !

R 5300

padi advanced open water

Advanced Open Water 

If shallow dives are never enough for you then this is the course for you .The advanced open water course allows you to dive to 30 m. It is valid for life  and has a minimum age requirement of 15 yrs. All gear and certification included !

R 5500

elite award
padi rescue diver

Rescue Diver

Do you have a nervous dive buddy and want to be prepared if anything happens ? Then become a Rescue Diver . This course teaches you different methods to help a panicked, tired or unconscious  diver. This course requires first aid training and a minimum age of 15 yrs.

R 5500

emergency first responder

Emergency First Response

This course is offered in conjunction with the Rescue Diver Course for Divers without previous first aid training or for anyone that would like to be First Aid trained and qualified !

R 1500

padi specialty course

Speciality Courses

Specialty courses for qualified scuba divers that want to build more expertise in certain areas of diving. Enrich Air Nitrox / Emergency Oxygen Provider / Underwater Navigation / Deep Diver / Night Diver / Search & Recovery / Peak Performance Buoyancy

R 2900

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