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Professional Yachting & PADI Divemaster training Program, Mossel Bay South Africa


Why choose to work on board Superyachts?

Embarking on a career working on board superyachts presents a multitude of enticing reasons to dive into this unique profession. Firstly, it opens up a world of travel, allowing you to explore breathtaking destinations you never knew existed. Along the way, you'll encounter an array of incredible individuals, some of whom may pose challenges, while others will become lifelong friends & colleagues.

With our Professional Yachting training program paired with your PADI Dive Master rating, you will have the upper hand when it comes to job seeking in the Yacht industry and stand out above the rest !!


What you will get :

*Beginner diver to Pro rating PADI Divemaster Scuba Training. (Mossel Bay)

*Experience true sailing on our 40 ft Catamaran Yacht sailing in and around Mossel Bay to earn valuable hours and experience on a working Yacht !

*4 week STCW  + Deck Hand or Stewardess Course ! (Cape Town)

*VISA application assistance !

*ENG1 Medical assistance - valid for 2 years.

*Accommodation not included, but we can assist with this.

How long will it take ?

Your internship will run over a 2-3 month period (Depends on the option you choose)

Month one - Padi Open Water, Advanced Diver, EFR, Rescue diver training & sailing / deck hand experience.

Month two - STCW + Deck hand / Stew training.

Month three - PADI Dive Master training.

First we will cover the deckhand courses, followed by the stew courses below: 


















































































Stew courses explained: 




















































































































  • Largest network of job opportunities – PADI Pros have the most opportunities for employment around the world. With 1 million certifications issued each year by 6,500 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world, three out of four dive professional jobs are PADI.

  • Greater consumer trust – PADI’s immense brand recognition and consumer demand is unparalleled. PADI is more than a training agency – we’re a symbol of responsible adventure, recognized and respected as the authority in diving by consumers globally. As a PADI Member, you’ll offer the world’s most sought-after diver education materials.




VISAS: Starting out as new crew & what you need to know

Where do I start?

We recommend that you start out in the main hiring hubs in Europe – Antibes (France)
or Palma Mallorca (Spain). The best time to head over is March – May, but crew do
head over all throughout the year.
USA - dock walking is not permitted, and this makes things trickier for you. However, if you take this
route – an ideal time to get over would be September – November.

What visas will I need?
You will need a Schengen visa to head over to Europe, and a B1/B2 visa to head over to
the USA.
You will need to apply for your Type C Schengen visa through the country that you
intend to spend most time in – for example, France or Spain.

When should I start applying?
Generally, you can apply up to 6 months before your trip. Make sure that you allow

yourself at least 6 weeks for this process, as acquiring appointments can be tricky post-

You will also only be able to attend your appointment once you have your yachting
certificates in hand.

Things to start thinking about
As you will need to apply for your visa before you are employed, you are going to need
to show that you and/or a sponsor have significant funds available to fund this trip. You
need to plan for EUR 120 per day in the Schengen area (slightly less if some of your
accommodation is paid in advance).
You will also need to book return flights and some accommodation, al
ong with travel

Do you need our help?
You only have one shot when it comes to visa applications, because a denied visa could
delay your plans and put you on a black list that you don’t want to be on.
We can help you work your way through the paperwork, book your appointments and
help increase your odds of success.
We are also affiliated with service providers that can
assist you with travel arrangements
and continue to support you all the way.


Option 1:  PADI Divemaster (from Open Water) + Yachting sailing experience & hours - R 39000 (no deckhand / stew or stcw)

Option 2:  PADI Divemaster (from Open Water) + Yachting sailing experience & hours + STCW & 4 week Standard Deck hand Course- R 66800

Option 3:  PADI Divemaster (from Open Water) + Yachting sailing experience & hours + STCW & 4 week Advanced Deck hand Course- R80175

Option 4:  PADI Divemaster (from Open Water) + Yachting sailing experience & hours + STCW & 4 week Basic steward/ess Course- R60440

Optional add-on courses to above:

1: International Mixology - R 9200

2: Silver Service - R 3800

3: Floristry - R 3335

4: Barista - R 2850

50% non-refundable deposit with booking, 50% 30 days prior to starting date.

Next intake date: Beginning October 2023 then monthly from January 2024

To sign up for this program, please contact Reel van der Merwe at

Need accommodation while in Cape Town for your Deck / Stew course, check out our crew house !

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