Scuba Diving Courses

Want to experience the underwater world ? Come get certified with Garden Route Scuba. We are a PADI Dive Center that offer scuba qualifications from Discover Scuba Diver up to Diver Master .


Cylinder Fills

We have more than enough fresh air for everyone here at Garden Route Scuba ,so bring us your empty cylinders for a fill.


Discover Local Diving 

In the mood for a dive? Then pop in at Garden Route Scuba for a Guided Dive at one of Mossel Bay's many amazing dive sites. Mossel Bay has a variety of dives from boat dives to shore entries, so contact us now and book your spot.



Fun for the family and friends. Garden Route Scuba has a roped of area full of fish life allowing everyone to take a peek at the underwater world in safety. 


Gear Rentals 

If it is just you and a dive buddy that want to go exploring the sea, then come grab some gear at Garden Route Scuba and go exploring. We have a wide range of gear and everything you will need to go exploring. 


Kayaking Rentals

If you prefer life above sea level then come rent a kayak and explore the sea in a different way. Garden Route Scuba has a variety of kayaks to match your experience .


Gear Service

Keep your gear looking brand new. Bring it into Garden Route Scuba for a service .


Ocean Safaris 

Do you and a couple of friends or family want a tour of Mossel Bay from a different perspective, then book a spot on our boat . If you just want a relaxing trip on the water then  an Ocean Safari is what you need . 

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