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PADI Instructor Development Course
MosselBay 7-17 November 2024

The professional diving qualification that can take you anywhere!


Become a PADI Instructor to start sharing your love for scuba diving, while living a life full of adventure.


Teaching scuba diving will not only allow you to share your passion for the underwater world but will connect you with like-minded individuals and take you to some of the world’s most spectacular diving destinations. 


PADI Professionals carry the most respected and sought-after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI Instructor rating will be recognized and accepted.


In fact, on most scuba diving adventures, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Professionals who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.

scuba diver




Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a PADI Instructor and thinking about a career in diving. It is both a privilege and a pleasure to be the one to introduce you to this fantastic industry!

The most critical aspect of developing and maintaining a successful career in diving is to remember that the dive industry is a business. You can enjoy a rewarding career in the diving industry and together with the right exposure your opportunities are limitless.

The KEY TO SUCCESS is to obtain as much practical and educational experience as possible from the right people. Being a successful Instructor is more than just teaching scuba. In today's market this is simply not enough. You need to understand the international diving industry, know and acknowledge the philosophy of the diving business and appreciate the ethical considerations.

I have been involved with Reef Divers since 1994. During this period Reef Divers was training huge numbers of divers as well as Instructors – this is still the case today as we are the oldest PADI dive centre in South Africa and one of the most respected.

I am an active Course Director that owns and actively manages my PADI five-star instructor centre on a daily basis; and have been doing so since 1998.This enables me to share invaluable knowledge and a wealth of experience to share with Candidates.  

Other than being a PADI Course Director, I am also an IANTD Instructor trainer, ERF Instructor Trainer, Cave diver, Close Circuit Rebreather Instructor trainer and a DSAT TecRec Trimix Instructor trainer. 


As I am also an Instructor Trainer in most PADI specialties (except Ice... since we don’t have much in Africa…) - including Rebreathers- your training will certainly go beyond merely the recreational diving experience!

I still actively teach scuba and every year receive the ‘100 certifications a year’ award from PADI! This means I know the industry, live and work in it, not just train Instructors. I have done more than 4000 dives and have personally certified over 1000 divers. Since 1998 my company has certified more than 7500 divers…this is experience not many Course Directors worldwide has – and I want to share this experience with you.

Since I employ Instructors as well as place Instructors in the industry, I know exactly what values, qualities, attributes, skills and knowledge are required by prospective employers.


I have introduced many Instructors to their current employers and have assisted Instructors in setting up and successfully running their own businesses. These are still my best friends and customers!

Let me share my knowledge and experience with you. Let me put YOU in the spotlight of this industry; let me help you begin your career with maximum impact - not as just ‘another’ Instructor!


How the PADI Instructor course is structured:

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is conducted by a PADI Course Director and is split into two parts, the first being the Assistant Instructor (AI) course; the AI Course is completed online through PADI IDC eLearning and must be completed before moving onto the second phase which is the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

The OWSI program allows dive professionals to continue training to become PADI Instructors.

To become a certified Instructor, you will have to complete the entire IDC and attend the Instructor Examination (IE) which Is conducted by an external PADI Examiner.

During the IE the PADI Examiner will evaluate your teaching ability, dive knowledge, skills level, understanding of the PADI System, attitude, professionalism and other attributes required of PADI Instructors.

The IE is your final step to qualify and earn your PADI Instructor certification.

You will need to complete the Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI) course to qualify as a PADI Instructor (this is completed post IE)

*After completing the IE there is an option to do the Master Scuba Diver Trainer course, which will allow you to teach 5 chosen PADI Speciality courses.

scuba pool training
scuba pool training

What do I have to have done before the IDC?


  • PADI Divemaster or Assistant Instructor:

    • an instructor member in good standing (renewed or eligible to renew) with another recognized recreational diver training organization.

    • have a leadership-level certification in good standing (renewed or eligible to renew) with another recognized recreational diver training organization; 60 logged dives; documented experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation.

  • Be at least 18 years old at the start of the course,

  • Medical clearance attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months, and have had no medical condition changes,

  • Certified diver for at least six months

  • Completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course, or other qualifying training, within the last 24 months,


First Check that you meet the prerequisites to attend the IDC/IE:


  • Obtain Emergency First Response Instructor Rating,

  • If not a PADI Divemaster, successfully complete the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment

  • Documentation of any non PADI qualifying entry level, advanced, rescue and leadership level certifications.

  • To attend the IE you must show that you have a minimum of 100 logged dives, and have successfully completed an IDC

  • Then complete the 16 IDC Knowledge Reviews which MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE START OF THE IDC!!! At the beginning of each Knowledge Review, you will find listed the necessary pre-study reading assignments you need to read before answering the knowledge review. This is a prerequisite to attend the IDC, AI course or OWSI program.

  • Make sure that all your equipment is complete and in good working order.


What do I need to have?

You will need to have in your possession, a personal, current set of the following PADI materials:


  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual or eLearning

  • Recreational Dive Planner – RDP Table and eRDPml, including Instructions for Use booklets

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual or eLearning

  • PADI Divemaster Manual or eLearning

  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual or eLearning

  • PADI Instructor Manual

  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

  • PADI’s Guide to Teaching

  • IDC eLearning

  • PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy, Coral Reef Conservation and Project AWARE

  • IDC Resources

  • PADI Skill Practice and Dive Planning Slate

  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exam booklet

  • Rescue Diver Final Exams booklet


You will be supplied with the following IDC PADI Materials:


  • Divemaster Final Exams booklet

  • Aquatic Cue Cards for Confined Water, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving

  • Skill Development Preparation slate

  • Diving Knowledge Workbook or eRecord for Dive Theory Online (eLearning)


 What equipment do I need to have?

  • All equipment as listed in the PADI Instructor Manual, General Standards and Procedures section.


*Gear rental is available for the duration of the IDC and IE.

* Please do bring your laptop and phones with. There is storage space available on site, for all your personal belongings and scuba gear.

IDC Preparation & Revision

You need to be familiar with what to expect from your IDC. This will relax you and ensure that the course is a learning experience for you and not just a mad dash to pass an exam. If you are not happy with previous training or feel your skills have deteriorated over time a good idea would be to do the IDC Prep Course.

The IDC Prep course is an added two days before the IDC and is conducted by PADI Staff Instructors. If you are already comfortable with your knowledge and skills and don’t see the need for a prep course you will still need do some preparation of your own to ensure a pleasurable IDC.

Before coming to the IDC please look at the list of things you will need to do and be comfortable with. There is no time during the course to do these things and you don’t need the added stress….

  • Self-study and complete the PADI eLearning portion (AI Portion), this consists of studying the five-dive theory topics; Physics, physiology, equipment, dive skills and the environment, Recreational Dive Planner and ERDPML.

  • Complete the two knowledge developments in the Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI) guide.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the PADI Instructor Manual or update yours with the latest training bulletins on the PADI website.

  • Review the 24 skills you practiced during your PADI Divemaster course,

  • Practice Rescue exercise 7 (unconscious diver at the surface) from your past PADI Rescue Diver course and Divemaster course.


Course Content:

Your course starts when you receive your PADI IDC online materials and your Instructor pack with all your slates!

Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Duration: 9 days

Extra time is built into this busy program to ensure that you have enough available time to develop and perfect your presentations and dive skills in readiness to ace the Instructor Examinations (IE).

We will start at 09H00 on day one with introductions, the program and all your assignments for the week ahead – also a short introduction to the IE and what to expect.

Theory exams are administered early on, this helps the Course Director to gauge your knowledge and to access where possible problems (if any) are, so that we have ample time to work on these.

The daily program will be a combination of lectures, pool work and practical applications – all structured to ensure a pleasurable learning environment and not have you spend countless evenings studying – evenings are for resting and getting ready for the next day!

We will be diving for two days – depending on the venue transport will be arranged.

We will have breaks for drinks and munchies but no official hour-long lunch breaks, you need to bring something to eat or plan for food deliveries.

We do our utmost to complete the daily program around 17H00 every day but this is a not guaranteed so don’t plan dates, dinners, and movies for after-hours! 


Emergency First Response Instructor Course (EFRI):

Duration: 1 day

This is a mandatory course to qualify as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. This course provides the training required to teach the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children Courses.

You would have received your materials early enough and need to have completed the knowledge reviews prior to start of the course. The course is done in one day and will consist of lectures and practical application as well as the final exam.

Instructor Exam (IE):

Duration: 2 days

The PADI IE (Instructor Examination) is held over two days at a venue close by. The IE is a simple, impartial test of your already learned skills and knowledge, and is by an external PADI examiner. It is the easiest part of your entire journey yet the most stressful as no one likes EXAMS.

You will be prepared, or you will not be sent to the IE.

Whilst passing the IE is an integral part of the process for PADI to ensure integrity in their superb programs, it is simply the result of preparation during your IDC.

Optional add on course:

Master Scuba Diver Trainer program (MSDT):

Duration: 2-3 days

The MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) preparation program is done after the IE and will consist of up to 3 dives done daily.

You will have a choice of 5 Speciality Instructor programs that you might want to complete. You will do skills on the dives as well as teach an allocated portion of the courses. Ideally you might want to choose your speciality programs prior to or during your IDC as this will give you more time to prepare for the dives and lectures.

You are also required to have the relevant Instructor speciality manual to teach from. During your IDC you can discuss this further with the IDC Staff.   

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scuba dive boat



INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT PRICING                                                           

Instructor Development Course (IDC) - R16 300                                            PADI - £187


EFR Instructor Course                            - R4 500                                            PADI -  £117



EFR START UP PACK THEORY                  - R 5 800


Instructor Examination Fee (IE)   - £655

IE module fee  - £280

For materials, accommodation, transfers, gear rental etc. contact Reel vd Merwe or 0664300354 (call or Whatsapp)

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